1. Sales Transaction with Screen
    2. State of Supply as per Account or Delivery
    3. Sales Transaction with Taka Details
    4. Sales Invoice with Item wise Discount
    5. Bill Terms Settings
    6. Cash Sales Transaction
    7. Sales Transaction for SEZ Customer
    8. Show Outstanding Amount
    9. Remove Auto Mill Issue Alert
    10. Apply TDS on Taxable Amount
    11. Import Goods Entry W/o Advance GST Payment
    12. Modify GST Taxable Value & Tax Amount
    13. Ineligible Purchase Invoice Entry
    14. Auto Issue to Mill with Taka Sorting
    15. Auto Issue to Mill - Multi Batch Single Challan
    16. Global Search Module
    17. Make Online Payment
    18. TDS Applicable
    19. TCS Applicable
    20. Purchase Expense Entry & Col Row Head Effect
    21. Set OR Change Company Password
    22. Company - Active or Inactive
    23. Bulk Expense or Income Entry
    24. Transport Charges Attract Reverse Charge Bill Entry
    25. Issue Receive Cutting Process
    26. HSN Rules as per GST 2021
    27. Program Transfer Process