Here are the steps for Program Transfer Process. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Program Transfer Process

For Program Transfer Process, some basic prerequisite process needs to be done which is as follows:

1. First take Backup of all the companies. To take backup, go to Main Menu > Backup/Restore and press Enter key.

2. Select Backup option, then select Zip option and press Enter key.

Company Code - To take backup of all the companies, leave blank and press Enter key.

Backup Path - Enter \TCSD and press Enter key.

3. When Rely prompts, 'Only today's updated company?', select No option and press Enter key.

4. Rely will again prompt, 'Want to ask password for every company?', select No option and press Enter key.

5. When Rely prompts, 'Backup', select Auto option and press Enter key.

6. Backup Process will start. Once the backup process is completed, press Esc key.

7. Now, go to the drive from where Rely software is running in your system. Copy TCS and TCSD folders from here and then paste these 2 folders to any external device such as Pen Drive, Hard Disk, etc.

Please Note - To know from which drive the software is running in your system, right-click on Rely icon and select Properties option. In Target field, the path of the software will be displayed. Here, the first character is the name of the driver.

8. After pasting the above mentioned folders in the external device, connect this external device to the system in which you want to transfer the program and then copy paste these 2 folders to the new system. Now, your data will be available in both the systems.

9. Please make sure that you enable Internet connection in both the systems and then call Tripta Support Team for further process.

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