Here are the steps to Show Outstanding Amount. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Show Outstanding Amount

To Show Outstanding Amount, select the desired company.

1. Go to Utilities > Setup > Other and press Enter key.

2. Select All and press Enter key.

3. Here, select Show Outstanding in Sales/Purchase and press Enter key.

4. Cursor will be seen on Yes/No field. Enter Y here and press ESC key.

5. When Rely prompts, 'Would you like to Save?', select Yes and press Enter key.

6. Press ESC key.

7. Go to Transaction > Sale and press Enter key.

8. List of day-books will be displayed, select the desired day-book and press Enter key.

9. Selected daybook's entry form will open. In Invoice Number, enter the invoice number for which you want to view the outstanding amount.

10. Press Enter key. Outstanding Amount for that invoice will be displayed.

11. This is how you can view Outstanding Amount for any Sales/Purchase transaction in Rely.