Here are the steps for Company - Active or Inactive. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Company - Active or Inactive

For Company - Active or Inactive in Rely, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Utilities > Edit Company Information and press Enter key.

2. In Active (Y/N)? - Enter Y here, if you want this Company to be Active, otherwise to Inactivate i.e. if you want the Company name to not appear in the Select Company list, then enter N here.

3. Press Enter key and when Rely prompts 'Do you Confirm?', select Yes option and press Enter key.

4. Press ESC key and you will enter into Company menu.

5. Go to Exit and press Enter key. You will now enter into Rely Main Menu.

6. Go to Main Menu > Select Company and press Enter key.

7. In Company Code, list of all companies will appear apart from the company which has been inactivated.

8. To open an Inactive Company, you will have to enter the Company Code here and press Enter key. Your Inactive Company will open.

9. This is how you can Activate or Inactivate any Company in Rely.

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