Here are the steps to do Bulk Expense or Income Entry. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Bulk Expense or Income Entry

For Bulk Expense or Income entry in Rely, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Zoom > Accounts Zoom and press Enter key.

2. Select from Cash on Hand or Cash at Bank Daybook in which you do bulk cash entry.

3. Press Enter here, till you reach the last level where voucher list is displayed.

4. Press Alt+E shortcut key.

5. Multiple Cash entry form will open. Enter details here such as:

       Account Code - Press ENTER key and select the account in which you want to do Bulk Cash entry from the list of accounts displayed.

       Receipt/Payment - Here, enter P (Payment) for Expense entry, otherwise enter R (Receipt) for Income entry.

       Remarks - You can enter related information here, if any.

Range - Enter the range for which you want to do the bulk cash entries, in the form of maximum and minimum amount.

       Total - Enter the total amount for which you want to do the bulk cash entries.

Please Note: It is compulsory to enter amount in either Range or Total field.

Date - Set the date for which you want to do the bulk cash entries, in the From and To fields.

Monthly/Periodically - Select Monthly option and press Enter key, if you want to do monthly bulk cash entry and in Date field, enter the date for which you want to do entry of every month. For ex. if you enter 1 in Date of Month field, then all the entries will be done on 1st of every month. Select Periodically option, if you want to do periodical entries and enter the number of days after which you want to make entries in the Interval (Days) field. For ex. if you enter 10 in Interval (Days) field, then there will be a gap of 10 days in all the entries done.


You can enter the fields you want and leave rest of the fields blank and proceed.

6. When Rely prompts 'Do you Confirm?', select Yes option and press Enter key. Your Bulk Cash entry will be done.

7. Press ESC key. All the generated entries will be displayed.

8. To edit any entry, press Enter key and then you can change the amount.

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