Here are the steps for Sales Transaction with Taka Details. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Sales Transaction with Taka Details

For Sales Transaction with Taka Details in Rely, select the desired company.

1. First, we need to enable Taka Details from Masters. Go to Master > Daybook > Add/Edit and press Enter key.

2. Daybook entry form will open. In Name, press Enter key and select the daybook in which you want to enable taka details, from the list of daybooks displayed.

3. Selected daybook's details will be displayed. Here you can add, delete or modify all the details.

Taka Details - Enter Y here to enable taka details field.

Taka Remark - Enter Y here to enable taka detail remarks field.

4. Once all the changes are done, then in ‘Do you confirm?’ select Yes option and press Enter key.

5. ‘Want to update in other Company?’ – If you want the changes done in this daybook to be reflected in all the companies, then select Yes option, otherwise select No. Taka Details will get enabled in the daybook.

For Sales Transaction with Taka Details,

1. Go to Transaction > Sale and press Enter key.

2. List of day-books will be displayed, select the day-book in which you have enabled Taka Details and press Enter key.

3. Fill in all the details/fields one by one.

4. In Item entry section, select the Item and then press Enter key. Now enter M and press Enter key. Taka Details field will be displayed. Here, you can enter the taka details. Once done, press ESC key.

5. Next, enter the Rate and all the other details.

6. Once done, press ESC key and save the invoice.

7. This is how you can enable Taka Details in daybook and use it in transactions.