Here are the steps to do Ineligible Purchase Invoice Entry. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Ineligible Purchase Invoice Entry

For Ineligible Purchase Invoice Entry, select the desired company.

1. Go to Transaction > Purchase and press Enter key.

2. List of day-books will be displayed, select the desired purchase day-book and press Enter key.

3. Entry form for the selected day-book will open. Enter all the details here. In GST Information section, enter details such as:

Ineligible - Enter Y here.

Reason - Select the reason here from the list displayed.

4. When Rely prompts, 'Do you Confirm?', select Yes option and press Enter key.

5. Fill in all the other details and save the invoice.

6. Go to Reports > GST Reports > GSTR3B > GSTR3B and press Enter key.

7. GSTR3B Report form will open. In Month, enter the month number for which you want to view the report and press Enter key.

8. Select Generate GSTR3B option and press Enter key.

9. GSTR3B report will open, view section 4.0 Eligible ITC, section (d) Ineligible ITC.

10. This is how you can do Ineligible Purchase Invoice Entry.