Here are the steps to Generate GST Anx-1 Normal Report. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

GST Anx-1 Normal

To generate GST Anx-1 Normal Report in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Reports > GST Reports > GST Anx-1 Normal.

2. GST Anx-1 Normal form will open. Enter details such as:

3. Select Period

A. Here, to view month wise report, select Monthly option and in Month, select the month for which you want to view the report, from the list of options displayed.

B. To view quarter wise report, select Quarterly option and in Quarter, select the quarter number for which you want to view the report, from the list of options displayed. 

    From and To dates will be set accordingly by the software.

4. Various buttons will be seen:

Check Invalid Entries - Click on this button, to view invalid entries. An excel sheet will open displaying all the invalid entries.

Generate GST Anx-1 Normal - Click on this button and GST Anx-1 Normal report will be generated in an excel file.

Generate & Mail - Click on this button to generate and mail GST Anx-1 Normal report. For this, you need to do email settings in the software.

5. GST Anx-1 Normal Report will be generated according to the selected criteria.

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