Here are the steps for GSTR2 Reconciliation. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

GSTR2 Reconciliation

For GSTR2 Reconciliation in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Transactions > GST > GSTR2 Reconciliation

2. GSTR2 Reconciliation form will open with auto selection mode. In Load GSTR2A/2B FILE, select ZIP files option if you want to load JSON file, otherwise select Microsoft Excel Files option to select Excel file. Here, you can also select multiple JSON or multiple Excel files. 

3. Once done click on Open button. Two sheets will be seen here; B2B in which list of all the purchase entries will be displayed and CDN in which all the return entries will be displayed. 

4. In Show, select the option for which you want to view the records.

       All - Select this option to view all the entries.

Conflicted - Select this option to view all the mismatched entries. These entries will appear in Black color and the conflicted record will appear in Red color.

       Extra found in GSTR2A/2B - Select this option to view extra entries of the JSON/Excel file. These entries will appear in Purple color.

Not found in GSTR2A/2B - Select this option to view such entries which are absent in JSON/Excel file but present in the software. These entries will appear in Orange color.

       Matching - Select this option to view all the matched entries. These entries will appear in Green color.

5. For all the Orange entries - To carry forward them in the next month, select Pending option in Status. To remove these entries, select Do Not Show Again option. 

To Bulk change status of all the Orange entries from Pending to Do Not Show Again, click on Do Not Show Again button appearing on the bottom right side. When Radix prompts, 'Change status from Pending to Do Not Show Again', click on Yes button. Status of all Orange entries will be changed in bulk.

6. For all the Black entries, correct the records displayed in Red color by directly opening the invoice from here.

In reference with the video, Invoice Number is displayed in Red color. Also it is shown as Conflicted: Invoice Number. Therefore, we need to correct the Invoice Number in this record. Correct Invoice Number can be viewed in xBillNo column. Select the record and click on Open button. Change the Invoice Number in the Party Bill Number field and click on Save button. Click on Cancel button and Close the invoice. Once the Invoice Number gets corrected, you can view that the entire entry is changed to Green color and the status is set to Matched. Similarly, we have to correct all the Conflicted records till status of all the such entries are set to Matched. 

7. For all the Purple entries, manually make all these entries in the software through Purchase or Journal Voucher module.

8. Once all the settings are done, click on Save Status button. Your GSTR2 Reconciliation will be done.

9. To print any entries, select the status from the list displayed in Show menu. Then, select the wise you want to print the entries and click on OK button. 

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