Here are the steps to Generate ITC04 Report. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:


To generate ITC04 Report in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Reports > GST Reports > ITC04.

2. ITC04 Return entry form will open. Enter details such as:

Period - Select the time period for which you want to generate the report.

Day-book - Press F4 button and select the day-book from the list of day-books displayed and click on OK button.

Calculation For - Select All Entries option here, if you want to calculate ITC-04 return for all the entries, otherwise select Unlinked Entries option.

Calculation On - Select the option on which you want to calculate the rate from the list displayed.

Consider UQC - Select the unit of measure from here. If you want the UOM which you have set in Masters, then select Primary UOM (From Master) option, otherwise select the RatePer (From Transaction) option.

Bill-wise Job-work Receive Detail? - Tick here to view Party Bill Number and Date in the report.

3. Various buttons will be seen:

Check Invalid Entries - Click on this button, if you want to view invalid entries. An excel sheet will open displaying all the invalid entries.

Generate ITC04 - Click on this button and ITC04 report will be generated in an excel file.

Generate & Mail ITC04 - If you want to generate and mail ITC04 report, then you can click on this button. For this, you need to have email settings in the software.

4. ITC04 Report will be generated according to the selected criteria.

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