Here are the steps to Re-Organize Data. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Re-Organize Data

To Re-organize Data in Radix, 

1. Double click on the Radix icon given on your desktop.

2. Enter your Radix system login password. In case, if you have not set any password, click on OK button or press Enter.

3. You will enter into Radix main menu. Go to Utilities > Re-Organize Data.

4. ReOrganize All Companies Data entry form will open. To re-organize data, click on OK button. 

5. When RADIX prompts 'Do you want to proceed?', click on Yes button. While re-organizing data, all companies must be closed.

6. RADIX will again prompt 'Please make sure to take backup after this process', click on OK button here.

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