1. Click on "Radix icon" on your desktop & following window will open.


    1. And then "System Login" window will appear.


    1. Enter "Login Name" & "Password" if you wish to set. Click "OK" & the system will navigate to the main window as shown below.


    • Command Bar :

Open Company

Helps to you to open company from the existing one.

New Company

Helps you to make new company.

Delete Company

Helps you to delete company from the existing.

Transfer Balances

Helps to carry forward the balance from one company to another.

Change Password

Helps you to change password.


Helps you to take backup.


Helps you to restore the backup.

Import From Dos Rely

Helps you to import data from RELY.


Helps you to do user settings.


Helps you to exit from software.