Here are the steps to set User Preferences. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

User Preferences

For User Defined Settings in Radix,

1. Double click on the Radix icon given on your desktop.

2. Enter your Radix system login password. In case, if you have not set any password, click on OK button or press Enter.

3. You will enter into Radix main menu. Go to Config > User Preferences or you can also press F10 key directly. 

4. User Settings form will open. Set all the details here such as:

       Automatically Open Company:

None - Tick on this option is by default. i.e. When you start the software and complete the login process, then, to open a Company you will have to go through         the normal procedure by clicking on F2 Open Company button and select the desired company. However, you may Untick this option, in case you want to automate this process.

       Last Company - Tick this option, if you want to open the Company which you opened the last time when you used the software. Whenever you start the                 software, you will be re-directed to that same Company always.

       This Company - Tick this option, if you want to open a desired Company whenever you start the software. Press F4 button here and select the desired                 Company. Whenever you start the software, you will be re-directed to the selected Company always.

Automatically open company if only one company is found - Tick this option, in case you have only one company and you want to directly enter into this company whenever you start the software.

Auto run function name - If you want to open a particular module (for e.g. Sales Invoice, Purchase Challan, etc.) directly after opening the Company, then you can do so by selecting that module from the list of options displayed here. Once you enter the company, the selected module will automatically open.

Disable System/Company level Warning Alarms - Tick this option, if you do not want to receive warning messages such as Cash Negative, etc. when you enter into the company menu.

You can enter the fields you want and leave rest of the fields blank and proceed.

5. Once all the details have been set properly, click on OK button. All the settings will be saved.

6. Now to apply all these settings, you need to Restart your software once.

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