• With this option user can customize the way the radix behaves on startup, its color, various entry modules, forms etc.

  1. Click "Config" from the Main Menu on the main screen & Select "User Preferences" from the drop-down list.
  2. Following "User Settings" window will appear with three options.
  3. The following criteria will be there in first option i.e. "".


Automatically open company

Select if want to open any company automatically.

Automatically open company if  only one company is found

Enable this option if there is only one company and you wish to  open it automatically.

Auto run function name

Select the function name at startup.

Disable system/company level   warning alarms

Enable this option if you wish to get warning alarms.

Auto get code during searching

If you wish to get code while searching then enable this option.

  1. Switch to next tab i.e. "".


Use configuration from

Select from where you want to use configuration.

Command bar on           startup

Enable if you want to see command bar  on startup.

Remind notes  on log on

Enable if you want reminder at time of login.

Show control help         message status bar

Enable if you want to see help message  on status bar.

Status bar

Enable if you want to display status bar.

Maximize transaction    form when opened

Enable if you want to maximized the transaction  form when opened.

Maximize form if other  is maximized (Txn)

It maximize the transaction form if other form is maximized

Tip of the day

It gives a message as a tip.

Ask for confirmation       when exit

It asks for confirmation while quiting.


Select how you want to see message at time of error.


Select what you want to see on toolbar.

Icon Size

Select the size of icon.

  1. Switch to third option i.e. "".



Background color

Select the background color.


Select the font.

Background picture

Select the background image.