Here are the steps for Company Database Repair. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Company Database Repair

For Company Database Repair in Radix, 

1. Double click on the Radix icon given on your desktop.

2. Enter your Radix system login password. In case, if you have not set any password, click on OK button or press Enter.

3. You will enter into Radix main menu. Go to Utilities > Company Database Repair.

4. Enter Password window will open. Here, you need to enter the password.

Please note, the password here is AUROMonthDate. For e.g. If today's date is 16 August, 2019, then your password will be AURO0816. This means your password will change everyday.

5. After entering the password, click on OK button. Company Database Repair form will open. 

6. In Company, press F4 button and select the company for which you want to repair the database.

7. Click on Repair button.

8. Once done, Radix will prompt, 'Data Repaired successfully! Please wait program will restart now!', click on OK button here.

9. Software will restart. Company Database Repair will be done. You may now login and use the software.

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