Here are the steps for OnLine Update. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

OnLine Update

For OnLine Update in Radix,

1. Double click on the Radix icon given on your desktop.

2. Enter your Radix system login password. In case, if you have not set any password, click on OK button or press Enter.

3. You will enter into Radix main menu. A yellow box will appear displaying, 'New Update Available! Click here to Update.', If you click on this message, Online Update will start automatically.

4. Otherwise, you can also go to Utilities > Update Program > Online Update. 'Confirmation' form will open.

5. Here, in case, if you have not taken the backup, then click on Cancel button, take backup of your data and then continue with online update.

6. If you have already taken backup of your data, then press OK button and Online Update will start.

7. After a few minutes, online update will be done and software will restart. You can now login into the software.

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