• This setting is not for users. It is for support executives. Through this one can generate rely setting file.

    1. Click "Utilities" from the Main Menu on the main screen & Select "Generate Rely Setting" from the drop-down list.
    2. Following window will open asking password.


    1. Write "AUROmonthdate" in password. For  e.g.: "AURO0215"
    2. Following window "All Rely Settings" will open.



 Select the function code from the picklist.

 Load Data

 After selecting function code, click on load data and data of selected function code will open.


 It will display product.


 It will display the type of function.

 Rely Setting Code

 It shows the code of rely setting.


 It display the function code.


 It display the daybook code.





 Open Sample

 It will open sample.

 Open Rely.Settings.Xml

 It will open rely settings in .xml.


 It will reset the list.


 It will save the list.


 It will close the form.