Here are the steps to use Form Appearance. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Form Appearance

To use Form Appearance in Radix, login to Radix main menu.

1. Go to Config > Form Appearance.

2. Form Scheme form will open. Select the Form Type for which you want to set form appearance.

3. Go to 1. Field Appearance.

4. Here, you can set the Background Color and the Foreground Color for Field and Caption.

5. Likewise, go through all the tabs and you may do the settings accordingly.

You can enter the fields you want and leave rest of the fields blank and proceed.

6. To apply these settings for all the Form Types, click on Apply To All button and then click on OK button.

7. To set all these settings as default, then click on Set As Default button and then click on OK button.

8. To Reset or to have software's default settings back, click on Load Defaults > System Defaults and then click on OK button.

9. Once all the details have been set properly, click on OK button. All the settings will be saved.

10. Once done, restart the software to apply all the settings.

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