Here are the steps to Change Password. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Change Password

To change password in Radix,

1. Open Radix and during login click on Change Password button OR Once you login the software click on F6 Change Password button on the left side menu OR go to Config > Security > Change Password OR directly press F6 key on Radix main screen.

2. Change Password form will open. Enter details here such as:

       Login Name - This field will be entered directly by the software. Login from the user for which you want to change password.

       Old Password - Enter your current password here.

       New password - Enter the new password here.

       Confirm New Password - Enter the new password here again, for confirmation.

3. Once all the details have been entered, click on OK button.

4. When Radix prompts, 'Change of Password is successful.', click on OK button. Your Password will be changed successfully.

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