Here are the steps for Database Backup. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Database Backup

To create Database Backup in Radix, 

1. Double click on the Radix icon given on your desktop.

2. Enter your Radix system login password. In case, if you have not set any password, click on OK button or press Enter.

3. You will enter into Radix main menu. Press F7 key directly or click on F7 Backup button or go to Company > Backup or press CTRL+B shortcut key.

4. Database Backup form will open. In 'Select companies to backup:', tick the check-boxes of the companies for which you want to create backup.

5. In Backup to Folder, press F4 button and select the folder in which you want to take backup.

6. Once all the details have been entered, click on OK button.

7. When Radix prompts 'Backup of selected companies completed successfully.', click on OK button. Your Database Backup will be done.

8. Here, you can also click on Backup on Google Drive button, to store the database backup on your desired Google Account.

To create a backup schedule in Radix, follow these steps:

       1. Tick the option "Remind for Backup on exit" to ensure you are reminded to back up your data when exiting the software.

2. Choose the number of days after which you want to be reminded to take a backup.

3. Tick "Automatically backup to hard disk on exit" if you want the software to perform an automatic backup when you exit the program.

4. Select the number of days after which you want the software to automatically take a backup to the hard disk.

5. Specify the backup folder path where you want the automatic backups to be saved.

6. Tick the option to "Prompt before take backup to hard disk" if you want to be prompted before each automatic backup operation.

To take a backup for the ReflectR mobile app, follow these steps:

1. Start by selecting the company or account for which you want to take the backup for the ReflectR mobile app. 

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