• It helps you to create the new company.

    1. Open an existing company following Open Company.
    2. Click "Utilities" from the Menu Bar & Select Company > Create New Company from the drop-down list.
    3. A Multiple Tab Window for "Company Information - New Company" will appear asking for details as below.
    4. Fields with Blue colored fonts are compulsory & remains unaltered once saved.



Write Company's code.


Select group in which you want to create company.


Write Company's name.

Financial Year From

Write starting date of financial year.


Write ending date of financial year.

Accounting Year

Write company's accounting year.

Local Sales Tax No.

Write Local Sales Tax Number.


Write Local Sales Tax Date.

Central Sales Tax No.

Write Central Sales Tax Number.


Write Central Sales Tax Date.

Service Tax No.

Write Service Tax Number.


Write Service Tax Date.

Service Classification

Write Service Tax Classification.

VAT Registration No.

Write VAT Registration Number (Value Added Tax).


Write VAT Registration Date.

CST Tin No.

Write CST TIN Number (Central Sales Tax Taxpayer Identification Number).


Write CST Date (Central Sales Tax).

Income Tax PAN

Write Income Tax PAN (Permanent Account Number)

Ward No.

Write Income Tax Ward Number.

Form Of Company

Select the type of company you want to create.

Business  Type

Select the type of business.

Sign Caption

Write caption for signature to be appeared.

Account   Code

Write account code to link with other company.

Is Active

Disable if want to deactivate the company.

Auto         Backup

Enable if want to take auto backup for company.

    1. Switch to next tab i.e. 'Address' and following window will appear.


Address Caption

Select the caption if multiple address are there.

Delete Address

It deleted the selected address caption.

Edit Caption

It edits the selected address caption.

Copy Current Address

It copies the address.

Paste Copied Address

It pastes the copied address.

Contact Person

Write contact person name.

Alternate Contact

Write alternate contact person name.


Write company's address.


Write city name.


Write state name.


Write country name.


Write areas PIN Code.


Write contact number.

Alternate Phone

Write another contact number.


Write fax number.


Write pager number.


Write mobile number.


Write telegram number.


Write E-Mail Address.

    1. Move to next tab 'Setup', the following window will be there.



Select database location as default or custom.


You can create new database or use template.


Write name of database.


Select the path for database.

Common DB

Set Common Database for users maintaining order.

Co Common DB

Write code for company common database.

Setup from sample Company

Select if want to take setup of any sample company.

Setup from existing Company

Select if want to take setup of any existing company.

Build own with predefined settings

It creates company with predefined setting.

    1. Next tab is 'Others-1' and following window will appear.


Reg. Certi. No.

Write Registration Certificate Number.

Enrol. Certi. No.

Write Enrollment Certificate Number.

C. Ex. Reg. No.

Write Central Excise Registration Number.

Impo / Expo Code

Write Import / Export Code Number.

TDS Deductor No.

Write TDS Deductor Number.


Write Jurisdiction.

Alt Local S. Tax No.

Write alternate local Sales Tax Number.


Write alternate local Sales Tax Date.

Ele. En. Sup. Ser. No.

Write Electrical Energy Supplier Service Number.

S. Tax. Exmp. Note

Write Sales Tax Exemption Note.

Previous Year Co Code

Write previous year company code.

Next Year Co Code

Write next year company code.

    1. Switch to another tab i.e. 'Others-2' and following window will appear.


Legal Name

Write legal name of the company.

Short Name

Write short name of the company.

Print Name

Write name to be printed.

Web page URL

Write Web address of the company.


Write slogan of the company.

Title Message

Write title message for reports.

Header Message

Write header message for reports.

Footer Message

Write footer message for reports.

Summary Message

Write summary message for reports.

    1. Move to last tab i.e. 'Others-3', the following window will be there.


Type of work

Write type of work of company.

Path of Logo

Select the logo path.


It will display the selected logo.

TDS Acknowledgment Numbers

Quarter 1 : Write Quarter 1 TDS Acknowledgment Number.

Quarter 2 : Write Quarter 2 TDS Acknowledgment Number.

Quarter 3 : Write Quarter 3 TDS Acknowledgment Number.

Quarter 4 : Write Quarter 4 TDS Acknowledgment Number.

    1. After filling all the details, click on 'Save' button and the company will be saved.