Here are the steps for Sales InvoiceTransaction with Fold/Less. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Sales Invoice Transaction with Fold/Less

For Sales Transaction with Fold/Less in Radix, select the desired company.

First, we need to enable Gross Meters and Fold % fields from Utilities.

1. Go to Utilities > Settings > Field Setup.

2. Field Setup form will open. Set details here such as:

       Function - Press F4 key and select Sales Invoice option here.

       Day-book - Press F4 key and select Sales Invoice (GST) option here.

Region - Select Line-Item option here from the list of options displayed.

3. Click on Load Data button. List of fields will be displayed.

4. Tick in front of Gross Meters and Fold % field and click on Save button.

5. When Radix prompts, 'Are you sure to Save Data?', click on Yes button.

6. When Radix prompts, 'Data saved successfully.', click on OK button.

For Sales Transaction with Fold %,

       1. Go to Transaction > Sales > Invoices.

       2. List of day-books will be displayed. Select the Sales Invoice (GST) day-book here and click on OK button.

       3. Fill in all the details/fields one by one. In Item entry section, select the Item and then press Enter key. Gross Meters and Fold field will be displayed. Enter the values in both the fields.

4. On Saving the invoice, software will prompt for printing. Here, select the GST Invoice (with Fold Mts) view for printing and click on OK button.

5. Click on Show button. Invoice will be displayed with Gross Meters and Fold %.

6. This is how you can enable Fold % and use it in transactions, in Radix.