Here are the steps to use Physical Stock Adjustments. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Physical Stock Adjustments

For Physical Stock Adjustments in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Transactions > Inventory > Physical Stock Adjustments.

2. Physical Stock Adjustments form will open. In Item Group, press F4 button and select the option from the list displayed.

3. Select the Item in which you want to adjust physical stock and enter the value in Physical Cut/Pcs/Mts

4. Now, press Enter key and physical stock will be adjusted in Adjusted Cut/Pcs/Mts column.

5. Once done, click on Save button. All the changes made will be saved.

6. You can also click on Print button, if you want to take print of the adjustments made.

7. You may go to Zoom > Inventory, to view the effect of physical stock adjustments.

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