Here are the steps to use Zoom Inventory module. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Zoom Inventory

In Zoom Inventory, you can view Item wise Opening, Receive, Issue, balance, in Total as well as Month wise. It also enables you to view, edit and delete the invoice from here itself.

To use Zoom Inventory module in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Zoom > Inventory.

2. In Filter Options, 

Group - To view list of items of a particular group, select IN option and then select the item group. Otherwise select All option to view list of all the items.

Save Criteria - To save this criteria for future, tick on this option and proceed.

3. List of items will be displayed with item wise total opening, receive, issue and closing. To indicate negative closing stock, it will be displayed in Red color.

       4. To view month wise stock for any item, select the item and press Enter key to go to the voucher level. Press Enter key on the invoice you want to view, edit or delete. 

       5. Press ESC key to go back to the 1st level. 

6. For all the levels, you can view the shortcut keys in Footer section. For e.g; By pressing F2 key, you can edit the name of the selected item.

7. To exit, press TAB key.

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