Here are the steps to use Zoom Accounts module. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Zoom Accounts

In Zoom Accounts, you can view total Sales, total Profit, Net Profit or Net Loss, Debtors and Creditors Outstanding Amount. It also enables you to edit the entry from there itself and lets you know the figures of balance sheet without actually viewing the balance sheet.

To use Zoom Accounts module in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Zoom > Accounts.

2. In Enter Closing Stock Value, click on OK button and proceed.

3. Four sections will be displayed:

       Liabilities - Here, you can view Total Capital, Secured/Unsecured Loans, Creditor Party entries, etc. 

       Assets - Here, you can view Fixed Assets, Investments, Bank, Cash, Stock, Debtor Party entries, etc. 

       Incomes - Here, you can view Sales entries.

       Expenses - Here, you can view Purchase entries.

4. Press Enter key to go to the voucher level and you can also edit the same from here.

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