Here are the steps to Delete Unused Masters. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Delete Unused Masters

To Delete Unused Masters in Radix, first go to the Company Menu.

1. Go to Utilities > Update Bulk Entries > Delete Unused Masters.

2. Delete Unused Masters window will open. List of all the masters will be displayed. To delete all unused masters, tick on Select All option. All masters in the list will get selected and then you can click on OK button.

3. To delete selective unused masters, tick and select the ones you wish to delete and then click on OK button.

4. On clicking OK button, Radix will prompt, 'Are you sure to delete unused data?', click on Yes button here.

5. When Radix prompts, 'Data Successfully Deleted...', click on OK button here.

6. Unused Masters will get deleted. Click on Close button.

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