Here are the steps to Create an Account. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Create Account

To create an Account in Rely, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Master > Account > Add/Edit and press Enter key.

2. Accounts entry form will open. Enter other details such as:

Name/GSTIN, Name - Enter the name of the account you want to create or you can also enter the account's 15 character GST number and then press                Left Arrow key twice followed by Enter key. All the account details will be fetched automatically by the software. You can then modify the account details.

       Code - This field will be auto-generated by the system. However, you can change it.

Group Code - Press TAB key, complete list of group codes will be displayed. Enter the desired group code here and press Enter key.

Address - Enter the address of the party here.

City - Enter the city of the party here.

PIN - Enter party's pin code here.

Phones - Enter party's phone numbers here.

GSTIN – Enter party's 15 character GST number here.

Date – Enter the GST registration date.

MSME/Udyam - Enter the party's 19 character MSME/Udyam Number here.

State Code – Press Page Down key and select the state code of the account from here.

Distance KM – Enter the distance between and customer and supplier where goods are to be supplied.

Located in SEZ? - Enter Y here, if the party is located in Special Economic zone, otherwise enter N.

Deemed Export ? - Enter Y here, if the party comes under Deemed Export, otherwise enter N.

Fill in the details you want and leave rest of the fields blank and proceed.

3. In Other Information tab, enter account details such as:

E-mail - Enter party's email id here.

PAN & Ward - Enter party's PAN number and Ward number here.

Remarks - You can enter account related notes here, if any.

Bank Name - Enter party's bank name here.

Branch - Enter branch name here.

Account No. - Enter party's bank account number here.

IFSC Code - Enter bank's IFSC Code here.

4. In Defaults tab, enter account details such as:

       Due Days - Enter party's due days here, if any.

       Rate of Interest - Enter rate of interest as per due days.

       Broker - Enter the broker name here, if any.

       Transport - Enter the transport name here, if any.

       Discount % - Enter the discount percentage here, if any.

       Black Listed? - Enter Y here, to black list the party, otherwise enter N.

       Black List Reason - You can enter the reason for black listing the party, otherwise leave blank and proceed.

5. Likewise, enter all the other details and in ‘Do you confirm?’ select Yes option and press Enter key.

6. In 'Want to update in other company?', select Yes option to have all the details of this account in all the other companies, otherwise select No.

7. On selecting Yes option, select other details such as:

Change in Group OR All Company – Enter A, to add this account in all the companies. Enter G, to to add this account in all the companies of this group.

E > Edit Only A> Add – Enter E, to update/edit this account in all other companies. Enter A, to add this account in all the other companies.

8. Once all the details are entered, then in ‘Do you confirm?’ select Yes option and press Enter key. Your Account will be created. To create another Account, start again from step 3.

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