gst ready

GST ready system ensures that all monetary transactions are done adhering to the latest tax regulations. It also ensures easier filing of GST Returns.

automatically update

A Software solution that is efficient to update automatically so user can get latest features and changes without any delay.

report creating customizing

Easier Generation as well as Customization of Reports such as Cash Book, Bank Book, Sale/Purchase, Inventory, Debit Credit Note Book, Trial Balance, Order, Journal Book, VAT, MIS, GST Reports, etc.

powerful security

System Password a confidential and protected string of characters that allows only authorized access to users.

zoom (accounts & inventory)

Enables to view item stock, total Sales, total Profit, Net Profit or Net Loss, Debtors and Creditors Outstanding Amount. Also, lets you know the figures of balance sheet without actually viewing it.

e-way bill / e-invoice in single click

Easier and simpler generation of e-Way bills, e-Invoices directly on government portals by a single click.

sms / e-mail integration

Simply send an e-Mail or a SMS of Invoices or reports to any desired customer.

bom / production

A very useful feature which maintains inventory of the raw materials, assemblies, subassemblies as well as the quantities of each, needed to manufacture a product.

audit trail

A mechanism that maintains and traces all the additions, modifications and deletions of any transaction in the software.

ease of data entry

Easier and faster entering and managing of accounting records.

stock management

A software solution that helps businesses to efficiently manage multiple warehouse wise entire stock.

multi-site accounting

Enables you to consolidate account balances at multiple locations so that you can classify the information under any head/ledger.

order / challan / invoice

Faster creation of linked Sales Purchase Orders, Challans, Invoices and Returns.

electronics filing system (EFS)

Scan and store important documents in Radix which can be printed as & when required instead of sending for photocopy.

backup in google drive

Secure your Data by directly taking Backup in Google Drive.

Other Business Segments

Business segments using accounting software are:

Software for Digital Printing

Digital printing

Software for Retailer


Software for Yarn Traders & Manufacturers

Yarn Traders & Manufacturers

Software for Dyeing and Printing Mills

Dyeing and Printing Mills

Software for Embroidery units

Embroidery units

Software for Embroidery units

Agency Software