Positive impact on real estate in India after implementation of GST


If you have decided to buy a home, there are a lot of factors which you need to consider. One such factor is the various taxes that are levied on Real Estate. Previously there were a lot of taxes involved when it came to real estate, as a result of which many customers were cheated because they didn't know about the various taxes. Apart from this, previously there were so many taxes that financially buying a house used to be very expensive. Also, since taxes differ from state to state, this also raises a lot of problems. The solution to all of these problems was GST. It is a simple all-in-one tax that simplified and removed many of the problems. Now GST affected the real estate market in a very positive way, so much so that every IT company in Surat started developing GST Software in Surat.

What exactly is GST?
In simple terms, all different indirect taxes were replaced by a single unified tax which is GST. When it comes to real estate, it brings a huge array of advantages. It made buying a home easier and more affordable. GST also removed problems from other sectors as well. Soon because of GST, we saw GST Software in Surat being developed like the Textile software in Surat and the Billing Software in Surat. Because of GST, the lives of the people of an Accounting Software company in Surat also got simpler.

The various positive effects of Real Estate in India after GST implementation
When it came to real estate, the number of taxes levied was a lot which for obvious reasons were becoming a problem. There were direct and indirect taxes levied by both the central and state governments. Recently we saw that the Indian Real Estate market was going through a pretty big change. After RERA was implemented, we saw more accountability and transparency from the real estate agents. Similarly, GST also brought a huge change in the market. Let us now go into details as to how positively GST affected the market and why every software company in Surat and IT company in Surat is busy developing GST software for real estate purposes:


  1. There is something called an under construction GST, which is levied on real estate projects which are under construction. Now since this under-construction GST is low when compared to the previous taxes, prices of raw materials like cement, stones, and so on are reduced. As a result, the cost of real estate is less, which benefits the common man.
  2. Having a uniform tax base is very important in the real estate market. With various taxes, it can get very difficult for builders and developers to keep the price down. With a uniform tax, the process is much more simplified.
  3. The problem when it came to the various taxes of real estate is that they never synced with the service law taxes and VAT. This problem was very easily solved by GST. Because as a result of GST, there is only one transaction system which is the Revenue Neutral Rate (RNR). This helps in removing all the confusion regarding taxes and makes the process very simple. The RNR is decided by the Central Good and Service Tax (CGST) department and the State good and services tax department (SGST).
  4. The whole purpose of introducing GST was to simplify the process and not just in the process of taxing but other aspects as well. That is exactly what it does when it comes to maintaining an audit trail. With the introduction of GST, it is very simple to control and maintain an audit trail which is a huge benefit for the Indian real estate sector.

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