Here are the steps to do Bank Reconciliations. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Bank Reconciliations

To do Bank Reconciliations in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Transactions > Bank Reconciliations > Transactions.

2. 'Choose a daybook' form will open. Select the daybook from the list of daybooks displayed and press Enter key or click on OK button.

3. Selected bank daybook form will open. Set details here such as:

       From Date, To Date - Select the date for which you want to do bank reconciliations.

       Type - Select the entries you want to view, Receipts/Payments/Both.

       Filter - Select the transactions you want to view, Cleared/Un-cleared/Both.

       Balance as per Bank - Enter the bank statement's Closing balance amount here.

       Wise Total - Select from the list of options displayed.

4. List of transactions will be displayed according to the selected criteria. In Clearing Date field, enter the date as per the bank statement. To enter clearing date, press add "+" key and to remove the same, press minus "-" key.

5. Enter the clearing date for all the transactions and difference will become Zero. If the difference is not equal to Zero, then it means that there is change in bank statement and the transaction entries. In order to tally both, you need to resolve them and make the difference Zero.

6. For printing, click on Print button and the same will be printed.

7. Once done, click on Close button. Your Bank Reconciliations will be done.

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