Here are the steps to Re-Numbering Transactions. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:


Re-Numbering Transactions

For Re-Numbering Transactions in Radix, first go to the Company Menu.

1. Go to Utilities > Update Bulk Entries > Re-Numbering Transactions.

2. 'Choose a day-book' form will open. Select a day-book in which you want to re-number transactions from the list displayed and click on OK button.

3. Re-Numbering Transaction window will open. Select details here such as:

       From Date, To Date -  Set the date range here for which you want to renumber the transactions.

       Document Type - Select the option from the list displayed.

       Start From - Enter the number you want from which you want to start filling document/invoice number field.

4. After entering all the details, click on Fill button.

5. On clicking Fill button, software will arrange the invoices date wise and enter the invoice numbers in the New Document field in Documents List section.

6. Once done, click on Save button. This is how you can use Re-Numbering Transactions utility.

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