Here are the steps to use Online Ledger Details module. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Online Ledger Details

Through Online Ledger Details module, you can view outstanding invoices of Debtors/Creditors upon entering the Company as well as also Send SMS to customers regarding the same.

To use Online Ledger Details module in Radix, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Zoom > Online Ledger Details or directly press Ctrl+F1 shortcut key.

2. Online Ledger Details form will open. Select details here such as:

       Account - Press F4 key and select the account for which you want to view the ledger details.

Type - To view ledger for the selected account only, tick on Individual option. Otherwise, to view ledger for the selected account's account group, tick on Group option.

From To - Set the dates for which you want to view the ledger details.

Company - To view ledger details for more than one company, tick on Multi Company option, otherwise tick on Single option.

Show Zero Amount? - To include Zero amount invoices in the ledger, tick on this option.

Opening Balance - Opening value of the selected account will be shown here.

3. List of invoices will be displayed according to the selected criteria. To open any invoice, press Enter key or directly double click on the selected invoice. You can now view, edit or delete the invoice from here itself.

4. To print the ledger details, click on Print button.

5. Once done, click on Close button.

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