Here are the steps to add a new company and delete an existing company in ReflectR. To learn more, you can also watch this on-line tutorial video:

Company Add-Delete

1. Open ReflectR mobile application and click on Menu button - displayed as three parallel horizontal lines on the top-left corner.

2. Select Company/Users option from here.

3. In Manage Company/Users, existing companies list will be displayed. Choose the company you wish to remove and press Delete button displayed besides it.

4. An alert message will be displayed, "Are you sure to DELETE Company?", here also press Delete button. Selected company will be removed from existing companies list.

   This is how you can delete an existing company from ReflectR mobile application.

5. To add/upload a new company in ReflectR, open Radix software and in Main Menu, click on F7 Backup button displayed on the left side.

6. Backup form will open. Click on ReflectR tab here.

7. Under Company List, tick to select the new company you wish to add in ReflectR and tick to de-select the company you already removed from the application.

8. Once done, click on Save button to save the changes made. 

9. Open ReflectR mobile application and click on Menu button.

10. Select Company/Users option from here.

11. In Manage Company/Users, you will be able to view the newly added company in the list. This is how you can add an additional company in ReflectR mobile application.

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