Here are the steps to Change Tax in Item. To learn more, you can also watch this RADIX Online tutorial video:

Change Tax in Item

To Change Tax percentage in an item in Radix, select the desired the company.

1. Go to Masters > Items > HSN/SAC Master.

2. HSN/SAC Master entry form will open.

As shown in the video, Here, we already have a HSN (8418) with tax 28%.

Suppose, we want to change tax from 28% to 18% for an item with HSN code 8418, then in Code, we will enter new HSN code as 8418 18%

In Tax Group, press F4 button and select the Tax group (Tax18P here) from the list displayed.

We will keep HSN Code field same (i.e. 8418) for both the HSN codes. (viz. 8418 and 8418 18%)

Go to 2. Advanced section and enter Apply Date and then click on Save button.

Now, we have 2 HSN with same name but different tax group.

HSN 1 – 8418, Tax 28%, Date 01/07/2017.

HSN 2 – 8418 18%, Tax 18%, Date 27/07/2018.

For all the invoices dated before 27/07/2018, HSN 1 will apply and for all the invoices dated starting from 27/07/2018, HSN 2 will apply.

In case of a new item, click on New button and Create Item.

In case of new HSN/SAC, click on New button and Create HSN/SAC.

3. This is how you can Change Tax in Item.

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