Here are the steps for Issue to Process entry. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Issue to Process

For Issue to Process entry in Rely, first select the desired company.

1. Go to Transaction > Inventory > Other Issue > Other Issue and press Enter key.

2. List of Issue day-books will be displayed, select the day-book in which you want to do Issue to Process entry.

3. Entry form for the selected day-book will open. Enter all the details such as:

Date - Enter the date of issue entry here.

Challan - Enter the challan/voucher number here.

Purpose of Supply - Select 1. Job Work option here and press Enter key.

Mill - Press Enter key and select the name of the mill to which you are issuing.

Quality Code - Press Enter key and select the quality/item name which you are issuing.

Pcs - Enter the pcs value here.

Mts - Enter the value of meters to be issued here.

Lot Number - Enter the Lot number here, otherwise leave blank and proceed.

Remarks - You can enter any issue related information here.

Cost Price - Enter the per meter rate here.

Broker - Enter the name of the broker through which you are issuing the item.

Screen - If you are maintaining the item screen, then you can enter it here.

You can enter the fields you want and leave rest of the fields blank and proceed.

4. Your Issue to Process entry will be done. Press Enter key, cursor will move to the next line. You can do another issue entry from here.

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