Here are the steps to Create Company. To learn more, you can also watch this RELY Online tutorial video:

Create Company

To create a Company in Rely, first login to the Rely main menu.

1. Go to Main Menu > Create Company and press Enter key.

2. In Company Code, enter the code of your company. It should be of 5 characters in which first 3 characters should be alphabets and last 2 numeric.

3. In Name, enter the name of your company and press Enter key. Fill all the necessary details such as Office/Factory address, PAN, Mobile Number, etc.

4. Company Creation section - If GST is applicable in your company then select Y (for Yes), otherwise select N (for No).


5. Fill other details such as Assesses Type, GST number, GSTIN Date, GST Applicable Date, State code, HSN Code, State of Supply as per, etc.

6. Likewise, fill all the necessary details and in 'Do you confirm?' select Yes and press Enter key.

7. In 'Select Company from where settings are to be copied?'- Here, if you wish to inherit/copy some settings (such as Invoice Printing, Items, etc.) from your previously created company then, select the desired company from here and press Enter key. Your Company will be created.

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