At TRIPTA, we understand the unique business challenges of running an apparel and textiles manufacturing & distribution supply chain. You need to have the right tools in place to efficiently run everything from Raw material Purchase to production management to Finished product through retail delivery. We create apparel and textiles specific softwares that work the way you run your business. Our software, RELY, is used by thousands of Textile Weavers, Textile Traders, Dyeing & Printing Mills, Embroidery Units across India to streamline their business.



1. RELY for Weavers:

Additional Features:

  • Data maintenance for complete life cycle of your process from yarn purchase, stock of Yarn, Fabric at various stages of weaving to grey cloth manufactured.

  • Calculation of production based wages of Workers (Looms worker, Warper etc).

  • Beam manufacturing planning can be made based on sales orders received, Multi-location or site wise Yarn, Beam, or Grey Stock.

  • Monitor stock/ production at jobber's site.


2. RELY for Textile Traders:

Additional Features:

  • Party Group, Party, Item & Item group wise Rate Master

  • Stock maintenance at Shop, Mills and at Job for Value Addition Work (like Embroidery) of Raw and Finished Fabrics.

  • View Item-Wise and Lot-Wise Costing.

  • Screen/ Design wise Stock

  • User Defined Invoice printing, Delivery Challan

  • Taka wise purchase/ Issue to Mill/ Receipt from mill

  • Stock Statement for Grey & Finish at Shop & Mill

  • User Defined Challan & Cutting card printing

  • Multiple Value addition/ Job work Process

  • Valuation for goods at shop, Mill, Jobber

  • TDS deduction & TDS challan, Various TDS reports


3. RELY for Dyeing & Printing Mills:

Additional Features:

  • Taka-wise lot inward entry with Style & Master as well as Taka-wise Sales Entry

  • User Defined Jobcard printing for Pending/Clear/Both Taka's

  • Challan entry with taka link & with shortage Criteria

  • Multiple Challan to Single Bill (Bill Generate)

  • Master-wise, Style-Wise Lot Register

  • Quick Lot status report

  • Party + Item + Style Rate master


4. RELY for Embroidery Units:

Additional Features:

  • Party-wise, Lot-wise, Challan-wise inward entry

  • Issue reports to other jobber & its reports

  • Challan entry & multiple challan to single bill

  • Job charge entry on inward, jobber receipt, production or Challan entry

  • Party-wise lot register with description of job

  • Party-wise stock report maintenance


5. RELY for Yarn Traders & Manufacturers:

Additional Features:

  • Make purchase/Sales entry lot-wise, grade-wise, denier-wise

  • View yarn stock report

  • Maintain brokerage report

  • Easily make production entry with cartoon detail ( S & Z), gross weight, tared weight, net weight

  • Print packing slip with denier, Lot no., grade

  • Maintain stock report of raw material & finished product

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