• Using this option you can re-number the document no or voucher no of the daybook. Sometimes the entries has been deleted during the year. So there the need arises to use this option but 'BE CAREFUL WHILE USING THIS OPTION AS IT IS IRREVERSIBLE'.

    1. Open an existing company following Open Company.
    2. Click "Utilities" from menu-bar & select Update Bulk Entries > Re-Numbering Transactions.
    3. A  window "Choose a Daybook - Company Help"  will open as shown below.


    1. Select any of the daybook you wish to open and click on open.
    2. A window "ReNumbering Transaction" will open as shown below.


From Date

Select the starting date.

To Date

Select the ending date.

Doc type

Select the document type.

Start From

Write the number you want to start from.

Documents List


It shows line number.

Old Document

It displays old document.

New Document #

It displays new document number.


It displays the date.

Account Name

It shows account name.


It displays the amount.