• It helps you to take the backup of the selected company.

    1. Open an existing company following Open Company.
    2. Click "Utilities" from menu-bar & Select Backup & Restore > Backup from drop-down list.
    3. A window "Backup" will open as shown below.


    1. Select the companies for which you wish to take backup.
    2. Write the path in "Backup to folder".
    3. Press "OK" button and your backup will be done.
    4. For backup settings switch to next tab i.e. "Schedule" and following window will open.


    1. If you wish to keep reminder for backup then enable the option 'Remind for backup on exit RADIX' and select the period and save it.
    2. If you wish to take backup on hard disk than enable the option 'Automatically backup to hard disk on exit' select the period and save it.