• One can enable audit trail by this option. Once you enable it you can track modification history of a transaction or master data. For e.g.: You can view who has changed the amount of invoice no. 56 yesterday.
  • To view this report go to transaction history.

    1. Open an existing company following Open Company.
    2. Click "Utilities" from menu-bar & select Settings > Security > Audit Trail.
    3. Following window "Company Level Security Configuration" will open.


Company List

It will display the list of companies under security configuration.

Activate audit trail

Enable if you want to activate audit trial.


Select the scope.

Audit trail for

Select where you want to maintain audit trial for Master & Transaction or only Transaction.

Store login name

Enable if you wish to store login name for all entries.

Store user activity

Enable if you wish to store user activity for all changes.

Date & time stamping

It automatically stamps the date and time of the selected entry.

Store terminal name

Enable if you want to store terminal name for all changes.